Based on census data, it’s predicted that by 2051, the over-65’s population will have doubled, and the number of those over 85 will have quadrupled.  The first group of 65-year-old “baby boomers” started their retirement, and over the next 20 years, the others will follow suit. It’s broadly assumed most will be looking to downsize. In 2014, AHURI conducted a survey called ‘Downsizing Amongst Older Australians.’ From the 2815 “older people” surveyed, only 43% had “downsized”. While it’s generally assumed the predominant reason for downsizing would be monetary, the AHURI survey reveals the biggest motivation is a “life event” (illness, children leaving home, etc). Financial gain as a motivator lagged behind “death of a partner”.

Where does these leads us all? Is it that easy to downsize? What things have to be considered in the financial perspective? Will you allow yourself to be left behind and miss the benefits of rightsizing?

Still, the ultimate question is this: what kind of lifestyle do you want to live after retirement?

Come and join two experts in their field: Belinda Grundy, author of Rightsize Your Home, and Jenny Simmonds, Financial Adviser from Retire by Design. They will discuss with you the key considerations in preparing your home in order to maximise your profits on sale and to ensure that you make the right financial decisions to live the retirement lifestyle you are after.



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