How do you choose a property makeover specialist? How do you even get started? BG Property Styling is aware that there are other companies in the mix. However, it prides itself as the choice of a growing number of real estate professionals and homeowners not only in the Northern Beaches but also clients located overseas. Then again, making that decision to work with a property makeover company isn’t easy – especially if it’s your first time. What should you be looking for?


Perhaps the greatest test of dependability is when you can comfortably fall on your back knowing that the person behind will catch you. In the context of a property makeover, and with industry experience and insight, you know that a company is dependable when you can entrust your property’s future to it.


Value congruence, honour, and commitment – these are the qualities that constitute integrity. In the property makeover scene, value congruence means doing something because its the right thing to do. Does your choice of company purposively plan tasks to bring out the best in your property? Does it honour its promises, including timelines, and does it commit itself to help you until your makeover goals are attained? This is ‘corporate character.’


The quality of being accepted as honest, true, and believable. Bordering around third-person impressions and first-person experience, credibility is perhaps the longest quality for a company to build. It’s an aid to reputation-building, and that one quality that becomes the face of a company. When doing a property makeover, think about a company’s history. Does it speak for a potential legacy? Has it been recognised by the industry for its excellence? Did it somehow make it to an awards body? Is this perceived legacy something that you’ll feel you’ve been a part of in the years to come?


Your home, your property, your plans. A property makeover company who can walk using its client’s shoes is one that you should work with. It has to be able to see your vision and it has to be able to guide you attain that vision. Industry experience and insights will come in again under this component as it’s the property makeover company’s responsibility to help you make informed decisions. Work with a company whose who’ll help you get there.


The culmination of every property makeover company’s efforts is personified by results. But this doesn’t simply mean the transformation of your property. It also means that the results should be in line with the goals you initially set forth. And of course, there’s that notion about results being a proof of a company’s excellent work.

BG Property Styling has developed this five-way test as a reflection of its corporate identity. The qualities mentioned here are a result of years of working with professionals and homeowners. We’ll gladly take you on a walk so you’ll know more about us.