One of the concerns of parents, when they’re moving houses, is the kids. To help you with this, we’ve gathered some useful tips that you can use:

Be open to your kids

Tell your kids in advance that you will be moving to another house or neighbourhood and explain why you’re doing this. Answer their questions honestly and they’ll feel more confident in this decision to move.This will give your kids some time to adjust to the fact. Doing so, also creates a better relationship between you and your kids.

Prepare a special box for your kids

On the day of ‘boxing’ your stuff, give the kids a special box to store their favorite toys or things. Let them have the freedom to choose whatever stuff they’d like to bring. You can also prepare some pens and crayons for them to use to decorate their box. The kids will spend some time creating a one-of-a-kind box. It’s a fun activity for the kids. Also, grab this chance to do your own packing.

Teach your kids to declutter their toys and things

This is a good learning experience for kids to be able to sort their things. Provide boxes with labels like ‘broken’,’for charity’, or ‘for sale’ and of course don’t forget their ‘special box’. Explain to your kids what these boxes are for. If they don’t know where to put a certain toy, you can guide them and help them make their own decision.

Give them the “Decision-making Power” in designing their room

Before letting your kids design their room, visit the new house and let them look at their room. You can bring some wallpaper samples to choose from or pictures of furniture and ask them where to put them. This will create a feeling of excitement of seeing their new room for your kids.

Arrange your kids to stay with a friend or their granny on the day of the move

You don’t want your kids getting hurt or being in the way of the removal men. It’s best that they’re away from the house on this day to keep them safe and for you to have a stress-free move-out.

Our last piece of advice? Make the move fun for your kids!