Lights are one of the biggest factors in making our homes livable, can we call a house a home if there were no lights? But of course lighting is a basic necessity for everyone including those who are planning to sell their homes. This then becomes a pre-sale requirement. No lights, no sale!

Lighting affects our moods and behaviour. A well-lit home projects happiness and excitement, but a dimly lit house will negatively affect the sale.  It makes it harder for people to imagine themselves living in there. Potential purchasers may feel worried you are trying to hide something, and it will make the rooms feel smaller than they really are.

Also, there are several ways to lighten our homes while thinking green, it wouldn’t be practical to go overboard in lighting your spaces, it not only looks tacky but it is wasteful and ecologically unsound. So there are ways to go about this and the best way is leave it to the professionals to give you the best tricks and techniques to achieve function and practicality.

We got some useful tips and ideas from Lighting Fixtures Tips and Designs to share with you:

“Lighting fixtures can transform a home of that there is very little doubt. Each room of your home will require its own lighting fixture set up and each room will require its own particular blend of lights but a good place always to start from is by answering the following three questions:

Once the above questions have been addressed you will have a much better idea of what type of lighting fixtures you will need and also how many you will be requiring.”