Winter has left. However, the frequent rains and lack of sunlight that winter brings could have taken their toll on your yard. But there’s no need to worry. Spring is the time to bring back the life to your lawn! With the warm sun and the cool breeze, this time of the year is perfect to revive your lawn and garden.

With these lawn and garden care tips, your home will be green and lively in no time.

Survey the Yard

Your garden likely had undergone a fair amount of rains during the winter months. Inspect your fences, walls, pathways and other fixtures on the exterior of your home. Make sure you spot even minor damages and repair them immediately to avoid further damage.

Clean and Clear

Don’t forget to clean up! Grab your rake, leaf blower and your gardening tools. Clear away leaves and branches accumulated during the past season. Trim dead parts off trees and shrubs and rake away dead grass. Otherwise, control the unwanted sprouting of weeds by pulling them out as soon as you spot them or apply eco-friendly herbicides.

Revitalise Soil

Aerate the lawns about 5-10 cm deep with a garden fork. This will allow the soil to properly absorb water and nutrients. Next, fertilise the soil making sure to use high-quality and environmentally-friendly lawn food.  Ensure it is properly watered, evenly and thoroughly, until the fertiliser is absorbed.

Bring Out Your Green Thumb

When everything is all set, it’s time to revegetate! Reseed the damaged patches of your lawn. Show off your green skills and replant blooming flowers around your garden. Transplant any existing shrubs you want to move before they begin to leaf out.

Repetition is Key

We are not done yet! Your garden will not maintain its beauty by itself. Make sure you make time to keep your yard the way it is. Repeat steps 1 to 4 from time to time. Mow your lawn to sustain its thickness throughout the next seasons.