You probably haven’t asked this question yet because of the familiarity of your home. As we get a little older, the more we have to take into consideration the place where we live to enjoy our lives as senior. Let’s check your home.

Is it clutter-free? This is the most essential factor in a senior-friendly home. Clutter does not only cause stress but also accidents. If you live in a big house with so many things inside, decluttering could take a while to accomplish. But with a smaller home, it will be a breeze.

On another note, let’s take a tour to the different parts of your home. Our first stop is to check the doorknobs. Are they round in shape? Our suggestion is to replace them with levers which are easier to open.

We now move going to your bathroom. Did you have a hard time going there because it is dark? Why not changing your light bulbs? According to the article from

Good lighting can make a big difference, especially if you are performing a task like reading or paying bills. It also creates a safer environment and helps to prevent accidents. As you age, the amount of light entering the eye is reduced, causing a reduction in vision, contrast and color. The type of lighting and its intensity, color and direction all affect an individual’s visual performance.


Let us say we are now at your bathroom, we investigate how senior-friendly it is. Below is a list of things to check:

  • Non-skid mat inside and outside the bath/shower
  • Grab bar handles for the bath/shower and toilet.
  • Hand-held, flexible shower.
  • Lever handles for the sink.
  • Nightlight for evening trips to the loo.


If you have most of the items above, pat yourself on the back for a job well done on making your bathroom senior-friendly.

Aside from the clutter and bathroom, check your telephone lines and electrical cables. Are they on the floor or are they on the pathway? If your cables are long, there are many cable organisers like a cable clip or cord spiral which you can buy in any hardware store. If it’s unavoidable that your electrical cables should really cross your path, you can tape them down or use a rug.

Growing old and living comfortably and safely should no longer be a problem with these simple tips.