Investing in creating outdoor spaces can help your vendors to add value to their property. Plus a beautifully presented home will help you to a quicker and better sale result.

We constantly have the discussion of spend and return with our clients and of course, when we are talking pre-sale, of course we should. However sometimes we identify the opportunity for a larger investment and even more return.

Promoting space and light is one of the most important things your vendors can do and this can be taken to the next level. For example I’m working on a house right now with a lovely level rear yard, a stunning outlook and the only access is through a laundry door!

In this example, we are currently organising approval of a deck coming out from the rear of the house and dining area. This will give the feel that the property is double the size of living areas.

For a $20k investment, vendors can potentially earn a minimum of double the investment through increasing buyer appeal to target markets.

Extending spaces onto a deck area and creating that ‘indoor-outdoor’ feel is very appealing with our Australian climate, and these areas can be beautifully staged and dressed as if they were an additional room. Vendors can consider creating a lounge or dining area, an outdoor kitchen or offer warmth with some clever heating options.

We often try to create an additional ‘break out’ area in a garden, if the addition to the house is not possible. This again can be a fantastic enhancement of a space, whether it is achieved through simple outdoor furnishing and staging, or just a small build.

It’s an value add opportunity and well worth the discussion with your clients.

This article was originally published in One Agency as a guest blog contribution. Follow this link to the original article.