Some people avoid selling in winter because they think that the season will hurt their chances of making a profitable sale. But as experience proves it, that’s not the case. When you sell your home in winter, you may just get more than the attention you need. You’ll get qualified buyers taking a look at your home, and you may have the upperhand when it comes to choice on the market. So what property makeover essentials do you need to know?

Benefits of Selling Your Home in Winter

Secret 1: Motivated buyers. It can be an ideal situation. People who are looking for homes in winter are often more motivated to find their new home. The numbers can be less than in spring but those who do inspect are motivated. You know that prospects can be more qualified in this time of the year. Besides, things like downsizing and relocation happen all year round so there’ll always be those who will look for their next home.

Secret 2: Less competition. The frenzy associated with home selling in spring is downplayed in winter. This means that vendors like you have less competition and more time to spend considering offers. In other words, you are in control because of less homes for sale.

Secret 3: Better price potential. As a vendor, it is your intention to get top dollar for your home at the most efficient way possible. With less properties on the market, you are in a position to closely look at how you price your home with your Agent. Now, you have to remember that there are considerations when it comes to pricing your home. Work closely with your Real Estate Agent and your Property Makeover Specialist.

How Property Makeover Can Help Sell Your Home in Winter

It highlights your home’s cosy appeal. With temperatures dropping, it’s a great time to showcase the ‘warmth potential’ of your property. Take note: this does not only involve raising the temperature! In the property makeover language, it means styling the property so it will be presented at its cosiest light. 

Secret 4: It gives you a chance to showcase your home’s exterior. Everything in winter will look different. This includes your property’s street appeal. For some, this is somewhat challenging. However, the principle is the same but in winter, its effect is amplified. Why? With the help of a property makeover, your property’s exterior will be transformed to look like you’re taking impeccable steps to keep it beautiful. If your property looks this good in winter, how much more in spring and other seasons of the year – a nice thought for a buyer.

Secret 5: It puts you first with value-add transformation. A Property Makeover Specialist can help you introduce appealing transformations in your home for the purpose of winter showing. This includes showing how outdoor spaces can be used in the coldest months of the year, emphasizing spaces that are appealing in winter (like playrooms), and showcasing the entertaining possibilities of your property. All these may be done because winter is a time when the festive spirit is on high.

See? Selling your home in winter doesn’t have to be challenging. It will only be if you have qualms about doing it in the first place. With professionals out there who are willing to contribute their experience and insights, you’ll never be left alone.