If you are selling your property, it could be a challenge to keep your kids room neat and clean and ready for viewing.  Here are some very helpful tips to maintaining the kids room clean and staged for showing:

1.  Keep the room simple.  Show space and openness to the room by removing as many furniture as possible.  Just keep the bed and a dresser or study table.

2.  Avoid a cramped closet.  It gives the impression of lack of space.  Free some space in the closet by getting rid of the clothes that no longer fit and they no longer use.

3.  Make sure that the room is well-lighted.   Maximise use of natural light, if possible.  Open window shades.  Avoid using dark drapes or curtains.  Use warm light from lamps and under lighting as need to add warmth to the room.

4.  Tidy up.  Train your kids to avoid clutter on the floor.  Pay attention to surfaces.  Make sure that tabletops are clear of unnecessary items.   Try and keep toys in boxes or bins that close to hide the toys.  Stack these if possible and make it appear that there is a lot of storage in the room itself.

5.  Make beds daily.   To make it a lot easier for you (and your kids) to maintain, keep beds manageable with a simple sheet and bedspread, avoiding too much pillows, throws and extra blankets.

6.  Organise shelves.  If you have a bookshelf in the room, keep it neat. If possible, just keep one or two items on each shelf.

It can be hard to balance keeping a neat and clean room with maintaining a staged and ready home.  But it doesn’t mean it can’t be done.