What could possibly be more stressful than selling a home? Selling it in the middle of winter!


The lawn is brown or muddy. The weather is usually bad. And worse, buyers usually look for homes in spring or summer. However, because the decision to sell your home cannot wait for an ideal time, you’ll need to put even more effort to tempt home buyers to take your home.


Here are some tips for wintertime staging of your home for sale:

1.  Enhance your curb appeal by keeping your home safe for wintertime viewing.

  • Promptly clear your walkways, driveway and porch steps of mud.
  • Ensure your buyers’ stable footing by sprinkling sand over the footpath and steps.
  • Make sure you provide an absorbent welcome mat at your entryway so that wet shoes and boots don’t cause slips and falls


2.  Tend to your outdoor area. 

Outdoor fireplaces are a drawcard in the chilly months.

Outdoor fireplaces are a drawcard in the chilly months.


3.  Warm your home up.

  • Before the buyer comes through, make sure it is warm enough. Here’s a little trick:  Heat the house a degree or two warmer than usual and then set the temperature at normal. This prevents the heat from kicking on when the buyer is present.


4.  Add proper lighting

  • Maximise the use of natural light, if possible. Open window shades and avoid using dark drapes or curtains.
  • Use warm light from lamps and under lighting to add warmth to the room.


5.  Create Ambiance.
  • Use mild but meaningful scents, and be sure to not have any scent that is offensive or overwhelming.
  • Place live plants or fresh flower arrangements to achieve that cosy and homey feel for your home.
  • If you’re considering redecorating,  it is advised to decorate or paint walls in dark, rich warm tones to create a cosy, toasty atmosphere.
  • Red, burgundy, brown, gold, beige and dark green are said to be “ideal” choices for bed sheets, throw pillows, curtains, rugs and other staging accessories.
If you’re still uncertain if you’re staging your property properly, let us de-stress you with our property styling service. Contact us to find out more.