Every seller wants his home to sell fast and bring top dollar. Careful planning and knowing how to professionally spruce up your home can make that happen. Here are the steps to investing in property presentation to turn it into an irresistible and marketable home.

Step 1. The purpose: know why are you going to invest

Having a balanced and logical process is the right mindset to start.  Are you investing in your property to stay for a while or are you investing to sell or rent out? The answer to that question will help you decide where to put the money. You will know what items you are taking with you and what will be staying.  This will act as your guideline and clarity for all the spending decisions and should eliminate your concern or worry.

Tip:  Talk to your agent about who your target market is and what they will be looking for.

Step 2. Budget: set it and stick to it

Now that you know the purpose, your spend needs to be controlled.  This is the part where we want to take sensible steps about return on investment. You may want to spend more on your soft furnishings that you can take, or less for presentation purposes only.  For example, you may need to only paint and change handles in the kitchen and not invest in a completely new one.

Tip:  Think carefully about the allocation of money and manage the project thoughtfully and accordingly.

Step 3. Know Your Target Market

Think of your target market. Who do you want to live in your home? Your target market can guide you to style your property to their taste and liking. Once you have a clear idea who they are, then it’s easier to put the pieces of the puzzle to their rightful places.

Step 4. Maintain

You have come this far – don’t drop the ball with your home makeover!  It clearly doesn’t end there.  Presentation of property can be the key to a successful sale. Here are some simple ideas to keep your home show-ready at all times:

  • Try to get your young children looked after elsewhere at open home times, as it can slow you down if they are not at the age to assist with their list of duties.
  • Even the pets should have a sleep-over if you can do it.
  • Keep your real estate photos on hand for the comparison set up for your open home.  You can hold the photo up in the room and replicate each detail room by room.
  • Create yourself a checklist of ‘to do’ items for preparation.  Even down to: dog bowls, rubbish bins, show towels, loo seats, removing dog poo and hiding toothbrushes.