According to houzz website, “Your entryway is the first and last room your guests see, so creating a welcoming and memorable space is key. An entryway is more than a simple doorway; it’s the space where the transition is made from the exterior, public world to the interior, private world. The entry or foyer also offers visitors the first view of your home, so its significance is greater than its size.

Your entryway should reflect your home’s style and create a single point from which all the other rooms flow. Architectural elements can help define the area, but they don’t stand alone. The decorating choices also play a large role in creating a warm and welcoming feeling. The entry foyer should lead the individual inside to experience the interior architecture.

A functional entryway engages as many senses as possible with fountains, lighting, artwork, views, and a connection to the outdoors. In the aesthetic sense, this means that an entryway should be a place where family members can pause, either before leaving the sanctuary of home, or when returning after a day of work or school. It should also have ample room for greeting guests, with space to linger while coming and going.”

As the homeowner, you would like to leave your house without forgetting anything important like your keys or your mobile. When you come home from work, you would like to see something nice to brighten up your day when you enter your house or put your shoes and stuff in a storage cabinet as soon as possible without having to look for them the following day. You know exactly where they are.

Here are some things to consider when creating your own personalised entryway.


What’s your personality and lifestyle? – Are you sociable, sporty, or a busy mum? Determining your personality and lifestyle will help you in creating your entryway. If you’re the sociable type, then you need to have a large entryway for greeting your guests. You would need a focal point like an interesting piece of art that will leave a good impression on your guests when they enter and leave your house. If you’re sporty, then you need a place to drop off your sports gear without blocking the hallway. If you’re a busy mum, you would need enough space for your kids’ shoes, bags, your keys and all that stuff. There’s a tendency of being forgetful when you’re busy like misplacing your car keys. With the help of a functional entryway, you don’t need to worry too much about them.

Drop Zone. – To make your entryway functional, you would need a piece of furniture that can be a storage area and a table or a storage area and a bench. Find multipurpose furniture, such as a coat rack with shelves, so you can hang coats in addition to increasing style. Floating shelves are another option; they give you space to place books, decor, picture frames or flowers without crowding floor space. Whatever furniture you choose, make it double duty.


“Make the entry area a continuation of the rest of your home.” (Apartment Therapy) Carefully design your entryway to make a smooth transition to the WOW rooms. A simple way of doing this is by using rugs or runners that can connect your entryway to the other rooms. Choosing the right furniture, colour, or other details can also help you in linking your entryway to your WOW rooms.


What brightens your day? – Is it flowers or the scent of vanilla? The entryway can help us feel good by incorporating things we love. According to Stephen Hopson, “When you feel good, you raise your level of vibration and you attract the right people, situations and opportunities to you.”

Small, fun details! – If your furniture is not that stylish enough, a colorful rug or runner can give more style to your entryway. You can also try using colorful hooks, stylish vase, or beautiful baskets. Remember: The entryway is the first and last area your guests will see. So, put a little bit of yourself in the design of your entryway! If you do that you can leave a good impression on your guests.