Do you work at home? Do you think that your home office looks drab and are you getting little inspiration or creativity because of the dullness of your space? Is there clutter everywhere which affects your productivity? If the answer is YES, then maybe it’s about time that you need to do a home office make-over.

Creativity and Productivity are very important when you’re working at home because most likely you chose to work there because of your professional preference or maybe you think working there makes you a lot more productive which lets your creative juices flow. Your work space is one of the most essential factors that would surely help boost all of these. One factor that can negatively affect these is clutter.

So how does clutter affect your productivity and creativity? Constructively Productive tells us how:

  • Clutter means losing things
  • Clutter lessens elbow room when and if you need it
  • Clutter drags down your mood

To help you design your home office, here are some tips to help you start:

1. Location. Find a good spot in your house where you feel comfortable, calm and away from noise and distractions. Make sure to choose a spot where there is good lighting also.

2. Furniture. Choose furniture that will serve its purpose. Some furniture just looks good but when it comes to being functional, they tend to lessen your productivity. So our suggestion is to invest in good furniture that will:

  • give you more space to work
  • give you a chance to organise your things and documents
  • and ergonomically designed – to make you feel comfortable during your working time


3. Personalise your space. Your home office will not be complete without any personal touch. So, why not put a picture of your loved ones on your desk to inspire you when you’re working. You can also paint the walls with colours that you love. Create an atmosphere that can give you inspiration and creativity but don’t forget to be a little bit of a minimalist. You might get carried away and put all the things that you love in your home office which then leads to clutter.