We always say that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. We therefore conclude that sprucing up your home is an integral aspect if you are to sell it. Then again, you’ve watched how people spent many thousands of dollars to get their home ready for sale. There’s just one problem: Have you spent the dollars in the right place?

If you set a specific amount of money, you might go over it. That’s because you have no idea about the things to prioritise. You might also not spend it all. Because you’re too keen to keep things within the budget, the result of your pre-sale efforts might not be satisfactory. This leaves you with one last choice: to stay bang on your budget. But how helpful is that exactly?

Owing to the years of our experience, and owing to the hundreds of property makeovers we’ve done, we have come up with four steps for you to be budget-ready before selling.

First step: do a building inspection

A property inspector is integral to the equation because he or she will help you find parts of your home that needs repair. Once you decide to sell, you have to fix things that can be fixed, as even minor issues can cause buyers to turn away. The good thing about doing this, too, is that you can pick who you want to fix it.

Second step: contact a property makeover specialist

A property makeover specialist conducts a systematic approach towards sprucing up  and maximising appeal of your property. The specialist will conduct an initial appraisal – a process that aims to uncover the hidden selling potentials of your home. In a practical sense, they will help you find out which parts of your home needs the most work so that every work done is considered value-add.

Both the building inspector and the property makeover specialist can work in tandem as in some cases, the latter has contacts with tradespeople and can make recommendations based on previous work and credentials.

Third step: work out a property makeover plan

This will be like your floor plan only that it focuses on the nitty gritty of the makeover itself. It involves coming up with a property makeover calendar where the different tasks are scoped, the different trades and skills needed mapped out, and the potential cost of each task is forecast. Since the different tasks included in the property makeover plan are listed in order of priority, you’ll have the decision-making ability based on how much your budget allows.

Final step: allocate a budget

This is the only time when you’ll get a good estimate of how much money you need to spend on pre-sale property makeover. That’s because every work is laid out and fees are quoted. At least by doing this, you know that every dollar spent will go towards things that will help increase the value of your property.

On average, it takes six weeks to complete a property makeover project. Depending on your goals and needs, you might finish ahead or you might go beyond the six-week period. What matters though is that you know that you’re all covered because every work has an allocated budget and you are in control.