The bulk of any property success in the market lies on pre-sale strategies. With thorough planning and thoughtful execution, any property can be sold as soon as it enters the market.

So what’s the secret? It’s a combination of many things, location, street appeal, price point, current stock levels and quality marketing. A key factor can be in the homeowner  recognising the power and the rewards of a property makeover. So how can homeowners make this happen? 


The Function of Detachment

You’ll come across homeowners or vendors  who believe that their property can be sold as it is. The challenge for you is to ensure they  transition from being a homeowner to a seller. How? By changing the way they approach the process. They are selling their home and therefore the property becomes a product rather than a home. Detachment involves dissociation – the act of distancing the homeowner or vendor and the property.

Homeowners value their home based on the emotions they invested on it. To start the transition, just leave the bare essentials intact. A little decoration won’t hurt but personal effects have to go.

The function of detachment is simple: it creates an opportunity for potential buyers to feel at home in the property. With personal effects an impediment, the property will only stay appealing to its original owners. The key is to allow buyers to feel emotional towards the property.


The Role of Informed Decisions

it’s easy for vendors to let real estate agents do all the work. Homeowners or vendors need to be active decision-makers because they have to be involved in order to understand the entire pre-sale process.

How? With the right communication.

While listening to professional advice is important, vendors also need to understand that every decision, consent, or objection they make will affect the direction of the sale. After all, selling a property could be the biggest transaction they’ll ever make.

Along the way, they may feel doubtful and will raise a lot of questions. This is where homeowners or vendors need faith!. By recognising the space where they, and the market belongs, you’ll approach home selling in a more positive way.


The Rewards of a Property Makeover

Time and time again, the importance of a pre-sale property makeover has been proven when it comes to maximising a property’s value. But some homeowners or vendors  assume buyers will see the property’s potential; and some of those who are willing don’t know where to start.

Fixing things that can still be fixed is important. From the buyer’s perspective, any flaws in the property merit a deduction – it’s the same line of thought when they (home sellers) start to look for a property to move into.

Once convinced, both you and the vendors will need to consider where to start. This is where a property makeover specialist comes in. Which areas of the property need value-add work? What skills are needed? How will it progress? The answer lies with the property makeover specialist.

Apart from maximising the value of a property, a pre-sale property makeover also helps power saleability and can make your life as an agent a lot easier.

The Power of a Property Makeover

Apart from maximising the value of a property, a pre-sale property makeover also helps power saleability and can make your life as an agent a lot easier. But what is it that makes buyers purchase, apart from favourable market conditions? The answer lies in the concept of ‘value-add work.’

Value-add work means that all work done in a property makeover project helps highlight the hidden gems of a property to evoke an emotional response from the buyer. Makeover elements like colours, finishes, furniture, and space utilisation have to work together harmoniously to create buyer appeal.

That homey feeling can then arise from the experience of the senses: the warmth of the colour scheme, the feeling of space, and the acoustics. After all, it’s the buyer’s response to the property during the first 15 seconds that evokes the necessity to buy, to consider, or to move on.

In summary, all actions taken during pre-sale preparation should support the goal of making a sale. With the spring season upon us, real estate agents and vendors have to work together to beat the competition. In between, the property makeover specialist’s role is to create a balance of need, value, and appeal.

Transforming Property. Changing Lives.

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