There’s going to come a time when you may need to sell your home and move to another place but selling your home isn’t going to be that easy and getting a reasonable offer may even be harder.  So you need everything to close that deal and get what you deserve. If you live in a house, there’s a big possibility that you do have a garden. A beautiful garden may be one of the factors that would speed things up but having an unkept garden may be a deal breaker when showing your home so why don’t you add more selling points to your home and spruce up that garden. It’s not that hard and won’t take a lot of your time.

Here’s a few useful tips we got from Laura Suckling’s article “Garden Makeover Can Be Rewarding: Soft Touch Adds Colour and Value” (Parramatta Advertiser, Trade + services Section, April 4, 2012):

  1. Make a plan. Before you plant so much as a pansy, draw up a plan or have one drawn up for you by your landscaper, or garden designer if the property requires it.
  2. Choose carefully. Choose your plants and hard landscaping carefully. If the site conditions do not suit them, very few plants will thrive. Hard landscaping is meant to last and you have to live with it for a long time.
  3. Cost. Garden makeovers range in price from about $2000 for a few new plants, and some cutting back to $10,000 for a decent overhaul of your garden space. The cost will depend on what type of plants you use and how many plants. When using hard landscaping materials expect prices for a full garden makeover to start at around $15,000.
          Do’s          Don’ts
  • Plan for a year-round colour.
  • Consider the entire area available to you before you design an element.
  • Develop a focal point such as a water feature or entertaining area.
  • Plant too much of the same thing
  • Let ivy climb your house unless you are ready to do annual pruning.
  • Take on multiple styles – be consistent.