A few elements come into view when thinking what items you can take to your new home. We’d like to offer you a few tips to help you downsize with ease.


Space matters. Make sure you get an accurate estimate of each room you will be moving into so you can decide which items can fit. You will also need to measure all of your larger items that you care to take. In addition, be prepared to have to leave some in storage or with a trusted family member or friend.


What do you need to be comfy and cosy in your new home? Is there an ottoman you love to prop your tired feet on or a pillow you love to lay with when you read? If so make sure those items tag along and make it on to the inventory list for your new home.

Weed Out

Make sure you weed out any unnecessary items before deciding what goes to the new home. It may be confusing to view everything in one shot so weeding out what is not going first will help you decide what really need to go.

What’s allowed?

Some senior residences require that you do not bring in certain items that they deem hazardous or not allowed. A microwave is a great example. You may have a great area to put this in but if the building says no cooking allowed in the rooms, then you will need to be sure and follow the rules. Grab yourself a copy of the rules when you visit each place for a look see.


If an item is worth a significant amount of money, you may not have the desire to bring it to your new home. You may have decided to gift it to a family member or friend. Now may be the right time to go ahead and give your generous gift so that you don’t have to worry about the logistics of what will happen

So there you have it: a few simple tips to get you started. Remember, if you have any doubt in being able to handle this downsize alone for you or your loved ones, give us a call. We would be happy to help ease your mind and remove the burden.