Cluttered rooms, rooms that are too empty, rooms that are too dark and rooms that are too light. The varying issues with rooms that need staging is endless. So how do you really figure out what the best plan of action is? Well there is no simple answer but we can provide you with some tips to help you try and view each room with an experts eye.

Thinking you need a big change in a particular room? You may be right but you may also just need a spruce. Take a walk through the room following the natural walking path. As you move through the room is there anything that catches your eye? Is there anything that stands out? You will want to take note and write each thing down. For example, you walk through your bathroom and see clutter and dirt. It’s obvious that you should have the room deep cleaned and decluttered but what about the hand towels? Are they dated and worn? Is there another colour towel you could use that would better suit the room. Do you use one of those fuzzy toilet seat covers? If so remove it. Are there any lights or hardware that need to be updated?

Another good example is the kids rooms. Is there an excess of kids toys in the room that show an illusion of clutter? If so, you will want to pack away the excess and just leave a few out. You can always rotate them so the kids don’t get upset! How about the living area. Does your furniture blend into the walls or are your soft furnishings loud and mismatched? These are all things you can easily fix. It’s actually the things you don’t notice immediately that have the opportunity to turn your buyers off.

So why not hire a professional organiser and stager for the project?