Let’s start with these questions: how do you envision your styled home to be? How does it look? Does it have a theme? If you’re thinking about home makeover styles in a general sense, the BG Property Styling team has this list to offer you. With spring in full bloom, you might just come up with a bright idea.

The Minimalist Style: modern yet simple

This style personifies simplicity at its best. Backgrounds are not heavy, colours are either plain or bright, and shapes are geometrical. There are little to no details, the surfaces are clean, and scenery is rare. This style spells precision, cleanliness, and yes, simplicity.

The Classic Style: sophisticated and rich

As opposed to the minimalist style, classic style is all about detail. Such detail is superimposed on a home’s structure, furniture, and accessories. Often referred to as the art among styles, classic style often integrates prints, patterns, scenes, inlays, and carvings.

Classic Reinterpreted Style: elegance with a twist

Fusion is what best describes this kind of style. It’s a fusion between the classic and modern styles. Since this style is the result of aesthetic reinterpretation, classic furniture may be re-designed to include modern elements, while colours may be blended with contemporary tones.

The Retro Style: a blast from the past

There was a time when music was funky (not saying it isn’t now!). There was a time when pop art was a fad. There was a time where shapes were plaid, printed, lined, or are illustrated in detail. A home designed in retro style gives people a glimpse of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s era, amidst quality furniture and warm colours. The great thing is, that a number of homes we are downsizing often have this furniture and our clients are loving that their style is a new sexy!

The Maverick Style: eclectic and explosive

Unconventional is the word that captures the idea for the maverick style. It’s classified under the modern style only that it’s unconventional, unusual, and inventive. Such delineation from the established design types gives it an eccentric quality – including not-often-seen furniture styles. The bright and bold and not matching are a whirlwind of style.

The Contemporary Style: modern and of the moment

Often referred to as modern-contemporary style, this type features elements that are balanced and are carefully-chosen. The colours are warm, pieces of furniture are upholstered, finishes are smooth, polished, or framed, and textile materials are plush. This is broadly appealing and with the classy approach, we often use this where the style of the building and target market allows. So far, this is the most popular style in Australia.  

The Country Style: quiet and relaxed

You’ve heard this already: rural chic. Taking its roots from European influences, country style features a vintage atmosphere, which is exactly a reflection of the life in the country. Not so much as the retro style, country style is laid-back and uses rustic pieces, pastel colours, and  commonly, wood furniture.

So with the common home makeover styles presented above, let’s end with a question: how do you envision your renovated home to be? Take your pick, and share your vision. It’s the first step towards realising your dream home – or getting it out into the market this spring.