What gives? Why do you want to hide your clothes, everyone does laundry! When a prospective buyer drives past your property, the last thing they want to see is a clothes line blaring out in the middle of the yard. There are several neat ways to keep this eco-friendly option and keep it from cluttering your garden. Your best bet is to find a way to hide in permanently.

There are several kinds of clothes lines out now. One popular option is the retractable pull-out lines. These can be tricky to hide when in use but when not in use the cord retracts back into the housing. Another option is the off-the-wall units we are seeing popping up at stores. These are great for using in side yards or smaller spaces hidden behind the house.

You can also get a little crafty with barriers to hide outdoor laundry lines. You can use lovely green plants and large shrubs to build a earthy wall around the area so that your unmentionables aren’t out in view for everyone to see. Another more involved way to hide this area is to create a timber slatted screen. Also think about buying cheap pre made wooden privacy screens. You can even get pretty creative if you decide to construct something on your own. Remember you can make this something visually appealing and almost decorative if you like!

Lastly, remove all the pegs into a discreet basket or storage area as you take the washing off.  Leaving all the coloured pegs is quite eye-catching and screams….”HEEELOOOO look at me I’m your distractor – look at me instead of this fabulous outdoor area:)”.

We highly suggest finding a way to conceal your outdoor clothes line so that the curb appeal and inspection appeal of your property is as beautiful as possible!