If you feel frustrated with the look of your deck, then you might want to read on and create that beautiful deck that matches the breathtaking view around you.
Here are some things to know on how to style your deck:


The ground under a low deck will be concealed to view but can become a home for small animals or insects. Consider ventilation, the more a low deck can “breathe” the better to prevent mold and mildew.”

“Higher decks will appear more lightweight like a floating platform. Guard Rails will be required and long stretches of stairs are usually necessary. High decks offer an opportunity to showcase views of the surrounding landscape. The space underneath the deck is a great place for storage or a screened in area for rainy days.”

Site and View

“A good design will accentuate the advantages of the site whereas a poor design will bring attention to its flaws. The shape of your lot may affect the size and positioning of your deck. Landscaping, small trees, vents, and AC Units can be adjusted if necessary. Sometimes large trees can be framed around to preserve within a deck design.”   Try to minimise any faults with thoughtful placing of furniture and pots, etc.


Do you invite friends over and use your deck for such occasions? Or do you usually stay on your deck alone to enjoy a stress-free afternoon? Having a purpose in mind will help you give an idea on what kind of deck you’re looking for.  Think about your purchasers. If you have done your research, then you will know what your potential purchasers are looking for and you will be able to gauge how they want to use the deck – so set it up for them. Then when they arrive to look at your place, they can see themselves living there so much more easily.

Plan your Space

If you have a wide deck and like to entertain guests there, create smaller spaces to avoid traffic during the occasion. The dining/entertainment area is the largest area and the smaller areas can be places for more intimate conversations or a place for viewing the environment. In this way, no space is wasted and then we can lessen bumping or crowding of people.


The design will depend on what kind of environment surrounds your deck and the space you have. Choosing the right material is another one to consider in the design. One more thing to consider is the right colour. “The playful use of contrast with a border can add a spark of life to any deck. Large decks with broad expanses of redundant floor treatment often will appear too plain.” Again, thoughtful placement of furniture and accessories will fix this!

Spice it up

Adding accessories can do the trick in making your deck beautiful. Placing some interesting pieces on the center table of your dining area can strike up interesting conversations during your social gathering. Funky, comfortable chairs will liven up a boring space. Flowers and plants will create a sense of freshness. Pillows and cushions will create a sense of comfort and relaxation. Just remember to choose accessories that match the feel/mood of your setting.

Staging for a dream deck is not far from coming true. All you need is time, budget, and guidance from the right person.