Comfort is paramount

A bedroom becomes a bedroom when the moment you jump on the bed, you’ll get surrounded with comfort. However, depending on the purpose of renovating the master’s bedroom, you need to carefully choose the materials for your bed. If you’re styling to stay, get comfortable choosing the bedding materials you love. If you’re styling to sell, stay neutral yet elegant.


Consider it as an element of luxury but the fireplace actually is a plus point in a master bedroom – it’s one of the major selling points when you’re styling to sell and a major comfort zone if you’re styling to stay. Whether you choose a wood-burning or a gas-fueled fireplace, remember to install it ay eye-level so you can comfortable feel its warmth if every side of the bedroom and the bathroom, if you may.

Mix and Match

The bedroom is perhaps the best place where you can get personal because it’s your own private space. That’s unless you’re styling to sell. If you’re styling to stay, feel free to open your personal treasure box and mix and match the loots you’ve collected so far. If you’re styling to sell, utilizing a theme that incites warmth and comfort is your best bet.

Go alcove

Why an alcove bed? First, it saves space when you create storage areas protruding from the wall. Second, it provides a central niche where you can perfectly place the bed. Third, the wall making up the niche area can be upholstered with aesthetic materials like leather. Finally, the overall picture creates space and exclusivity – you get to showcase your personal stuff while having the perfect spot for your bed without consuming additional floor area.

Cultivate serenity

Comfort and peace are really the king and queen of the master’s bedroom. And both can be attained by choosing the right colour palette and mixing it with the bedroom fixtures. You can do that by analysing your preferences from analogous colors like green and blue. Work with the different shades and decide which serves as your bedroom’s primary colour, your accent wall colour, furniture colour, and so on.