The garage and shed are probably the most cluttered areas in your home, reason being, it is one of the most ignored areas in your home. If you’re a homeowner or a home stager, you may have noticed the clutter but are disheartened to do anything about it because you don’t know where to start. As time goes by, so does the piling of junk.

As your friendly neighbourhood property stylists, we have come to the rescue! Just follow our simple tips to help you get started on your way to having an organised, clutter-free garage:

1. Before doing anything, try to remember why you have a garage or a shed. Is it mainly for storage, a hobby area, a parking space? Knowing the reason can give you some idea on how to fix, remodel or organise that area of yours. In the process, you might even consider building a new room for that area instead.

2. Declutter. Now is the most challenging part of the process but luckily, Style At Home gave some useful tips on how to do this ‘Challenging’ process of our makeover. We chose some of them which we think are most helpful in decluttering. [Most excerpts came from Bill Wests’s nine-step system for creating a “clean, functional and organized garage,” which is also presented in his book, Your Garagenous Zone: Innovative Ideas for the Garage (Paragon Garage Company, $31)]

  • “When in doubt, throw it out.” According to Bill, clutter blocks energy and when you start throwing things out, you get energised.
  • “If you can see it, you can find it.” In order to do this, you will need racks, shelves, and even see-through storage containers. In case you already have these but are covered, don’t get frustrated. The best solution for this is to put labels on them. It makes looking for things easier and faster.
  • “If it’s on the floor, it’s time to store.” According to Bill, if we elevate things, it’s easier to clean the floor and we can reduce the hiding spots where insects might build nests. We absolutely agree on this.


3. Buy functional furniture for your garage or shed. Take a good look at your garage or shed. Is it wide or narrow? Depending on the size of your garage or shed, a good storage furniture should be considered.

You can now remove your worries about not being able to fix or de-clutter your garage or shed. If you’re a homeowner, better act now before those critters build their nests in your garage or shed! For the home stagers, remember that all parts of the house are inspected by potential home buyers.