What is your favourite piece of furniture at home? Some would probably say the bed or the sofa. Obviously, you have likely sat or lain on it a million times. Now, if you’re a senior, it could be that you have done those things more than a million times over the years, particularly – (if you’ve never replaced it). This can be a big problem because most furniture has a limited life. The longer you use it, the more it gets worn out and the more hazardous it becomes for your health. In addition, furniture is age specific. For example, the cool water bed that you used when you were younger should be replaced with a new stable mattress that will match your body condition.

On this note, we would like to share with you some tips that can help you decide when your most comfortable and relaxing piece of furniture, your bed,  should be replaced with a more practical one.

First, check the firmness of the mattress. If it’s too soft, you may sink and have a hard time getting up. If it’s too hard, you may wake up with additional body aches. So the best solution is to look for a medium-firm mattress.

Benefits of a Medium-Firm Mattress:

  • For sleep comfort
  • For transfer safety
  • For a stable surface from which to push off
  • To ensure you won’t sink into the mattress when getting up

Second to consider is the bed’s height. Why is this important? The older you get, the more assistance you may need in moving around. It is important that your feet should be flat on the floor and knees should be in a straight line with the hips when you are in a sitting position on the edge of your bed. This allows anyone who is assisting you to shift his/her weight forward over the feet, making it easier for their leg muscles to help lift you to the standing position. The most suitable bed height is generally 18 inches but should be adjusted to suit your height.

Benefits of having the Right Bed Height:

  • To reduce falls
  • To ease transfers
  • Shift balance over feet when standing from bed
  • Easier to engage leg muscles to assist with standing


The last one we want you to give importance to is the Bed Handle. Being able to help yourself getting out of the bed can be an excruciating task for some because of their body condition. To help you with this, a bed handle can help you stand and get out of bed – it offers a stable surface to hold onto and push off from and it can also help with balance. One important note though, to safely use the bed handle, you must have good upper body strength and the ability to stand and bear weight. If that is not the case, you really must get someone to assist you.

Benefits of the Bed Handle:

  • Offers a stable surface to hold
  • Helps with balance


Choosing the right bed (and height) can definitely make your sleep restful. No more aches and no more worries when you wake.