Feeling trapped in an Empty Nest?

Feeling trapped in an Empty Nest?

Stop feeling guilty about leaving home and get Rightsized for a better life! Are you considering a downsize at some point. Is that you? Or are you helping someone who is? You may be single or a couple; you more than likely have children who are about to or have already left home to make their mark on the world. Your home, purchased when your children were either much younger or not born yet, no longer serves the purpose for which you bought it. If this in any way describes you, BOOK NOW for LET’S TALK DOWNSIZING AND DECLUTTERING at the Gordon Library on Tuesday, 15 October.
You will not only find the help and answers you’re looking for, but you will also be left feeling motivated and inspired to ‘Rightsize’ your home and life for the better!
Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Belinda Woolrych, and I am a Property Makeover Specialist. I’ve had the pleasure of helping hundreds of property owners navigate the downsizing minefield and make the best move of their life. It’s what I call ‘Rightsizing,’ and it’s a hot topic right now. I’ve named it, and I’m on a crusade to encourage and motivate future Empty Nesters, like you, into having a more fulfilled life and home to suit. I am the Author and Speaker or Rightsize Your Home – The Empty Nester’s Guide To A Stress-Free Downsize

I feel compelled to help because I have found that the distress caused by even just the thought of making your next move can be debilitating. Rightsizing happens to be one of the most feared projects you will have to undertake in your lifetime, which is completely understandable. There is no doubt you have a big job ahead of you.

Rightsizing presents such a huge dilemma. You may have been avoiding it or you may have delayed it up until now because you have had no idea where to begin. You may be sick and tired of maintaining a large family home and even feel a sense of guilt or loss of control when considering changing your situation. My role is to help people who need to Rightsize, regardless of their age. 

Join me to learn how to overcome the challenges of your downsizing journey. I have had the privilege to help many, many people like you who are thinking about beginning the next phase of their lives and are ready to Rightsize their home. After attending our workshop, the future will be yours to shape.