You’ve heard about it. A friend calls you announcing she just lost her job due to redundancy. Now, she’s alone in a large family home because the children have left. It may be because of one or two things. One is off to college and the other may be working in another city or the kids have settled down and are focused on building their own family.

A colleague’s wife of 30 years passed away.  He has the whole house to himself and looks forward to the grandchildren visiting. Pretty soon, the visits become less often.

Things are not always as we would like. Certain events and circumstances may suddenly turn your comfortable situation upside down. How Empty Nesters react to these changes is proportionate to the aspect of their life that has been affected.

Emotionally, it could be a big blow that may even lead to depression.  Psychologically, it is that feeling of confusion that actually prevents Empty Nesters from making the right decision. Physically, Empty Nesters may think that they are incapable of doing anything because of their weakening state. So they limit themselves to merely staying in that large family home thinking that any change may take its toll on them physically and emotionally.


Empty Nesters come to a crossroad.  They use to be in total control of their life; routines such as house maintenance, paying bills on time and doing daily chores contribute to a comfortable and steady life. Now, things are just different.  Most Empty Nesters simply resist facing the inevitable hence many refuse to do anything different thinking that things will eventually be what they use to be. It will not. Things need not get worse to get better. The journey of life has so much in store for us and we can enjoy it. Empty Nesters who have ventured from the known to the unknown by making the decision to Rightsize have discovered a number of things they are still capable of experiencing. They realize they have the freedom to do what they want because of the lesser responsibility of maintaining a large family home. They can enjoy things and even afford it. So when you are at a crossroad, go for it.

Team Support

Many Empty Nesters discover that they are not alone when they communicate their decision to Rightsize. Beyond your family and friends who may offer enthusiastic support, there are professionals who can help you during this very important phase. It is vital that much time is spent in planning, organising and preparing during the Rightsizing phase.  The physical and emotional demands of this stage will be alleviated as you accept the support of your family and friends and enlist the help of a professional who can expertly guide you through the process.