One of my most favourite aspects of my business is what I call the eco-factor. In staging a property we get to reduce, reuse and recycle. When starting out on a new project we will make lists of where everything needs to go. There is a great satisfaction knowing that we are helping property owners without adding more things to the landfill in our area.

Some examples of how eco-friendly property staging can be.

In decluttering mode the ONLY things that go into the rubbish bin are completely broken items that have no possibility of repair. They are also checked for the possibility of going to charity or off to recycle.

In the design mode we will try to use any existing furniture and decor if possible. If for any reason we can’t we will try to rent furniture for the temporary need. In addition if we purchase things, we make sure they are things you will want/need in your new home.

So happy to be working in an industry where we can help keep things out of the landfill.