Did you know that you need to pay attention to your outdoors even when the weather starts to cool down? Here are a few tips to keep you motivated.

  • Keep the lawn tidy. This means picking up leaves or other things that may be lying around.
  • Wash the outdoor furniture regularly. If you aren’t going to store it away, be sure to keep it clean for your prospects!
  • Stage the outdoors, this means that even in cooler weather, people will go outdoors to see what your property has to offer.
  • Wash the outdoor windows. Same thing goes, you have to maintain everything even in the cooler seasons.
  • Winterise your pool and keep it free of debris. Nothing turns off prospective buyers like a green pool with rubbish in it!


So whilst you may not have to tend to your garden during these months you do need to maintain the areas. Store anything away that won’t be used and keep an eye on the leaves and grass to be sure all looks well. Forgetting about it and turning a cheek is probably the biggest mistake you can make.
We’d love to help you make your outdoors shine in the cooler months. Tell us what stumps you below and we will try and help!