A client of mine asked about return on investment last week. We were calculating the spend vs the increase in value to help him see the potential gain and increase in property value if he invests in property styling services.

In my years of experience, I have helped home owners sell their homes for a price way above what they expected. Styling a property is part of the planning process in your sale. This investment in a service will not only move the sale of your home faster, but also bring you more in terms of dollars. Property styling capitalises on their properties when selling and uncovering hidden profits in order to sell the real estate for a larger value in a short amount of time.

Clients and real estate agents always tell us that they usually get a greater sale price and a quicker sale when a property has been de-cluttered and styled for sale. A property’s presentation for sale is definitely one of the most important steps that a seller can take.  Take our latest 4-bedroom family home project for example. This property was sold for $45,000 above the reserve price, which was already significantly higher than what the owners expected with the makeover. The owner, Peter Casey, also found the process “very professional and cost effective.”

Our other projects also had significant returns on investment and were sold in record time! In terms of styling and other home improvements such as renovations and upgrades, homeowners can expect a return of investment of 25% to 100% on resale depending on market behavior. To know more about details of our previous projects click HERE.

My advice is to complete the walk-through and use our target priority system in conjunction with the costs. To know more, download the 7 Secrets to property Selling Power for FREE. Tell us where to send it, and we’ll email you the link.


 If you need help sprucing up your property, whether for sale or for stay, please don’t hesitate to contact us.