Are you a DIY type of person? Thinking about doing a reno alone or without experience? In our business we come across properties that need to be renovated all the time. The real question is should it be done by you or an expert? We found this fantastic article from that brings up some great points.

1. What’s the Plan? This point is so important. If you are going to DIY, that means you take on the planning and managing too. People often think they will be the one slamming the hammer but forget the planning phase is just as important.

2. Smash or Trash? This is a common one. It’s hard to decide this on your own.

3. Don’t be a Bug. Will you be inconveniencing anyone such as your neighbours? What time of the day is best to work?

4. Safety First. It is quite common for DIYers to have more accidents because they are not professionally trained at what to look for in regards to being safe.

5. Be There. If you are a DIY’er, then you need to be around to make sure things go smoothly. No contractor means it all lies on your shoulders.

6. Measure Up. There are so many ways to save $$$, be sure and take this advice.

7. What’s in the Future? Planning ahead saves time and money.

8. Make up Your Mind. This is where being a DIY’er can cause issues. With contractors they set a time and you make the decision. Make up your mind in the beginning and save money by not having to change much.

9. Details Really Matter. Again planning is so important. Contractors are trained to look at all the details and be in the know.

10. Are you Really Saving? Something to consider when deciding to call in a contractor or DIY.

View the entire article titled DIY Top 10 on to review their opinion on DIY vs hiring a professional.