The living room has both a literal and symbolic representation. For one, it’s where we’re happy the most while enjoying some relaxing time with our loved ones. And two, the quality of relationships we sustain – with pets included! For these reasons, people feel that they need to give their living rooms a new look from time to time. From a ‘going for sale’ point of view – its a feeling of aspiration that needs to be portrayed, so we have these tips for you.

Survey the area first

A part of living room renovation is studying the entire area itself. Take notes about renovation ideas as they occur to you. Find dead corners and figure out how to deal with them. If you’re more of a space-conscious person, map out built-in possibilities and how you can widen or narrow down passage areas.  Ensure great usability of the space and try to avoid a ‘cut-through’ the room for access.  Avoid having oversized furniture in the space; the room must not appear crowded.

Go in circles

Think about the best layout for your living room furniture and fixtures. Use the living room’s given architecture to lay it out. Sometimes, chair may be best arranged in a circular manner in order to enhance sight lines and to create a central focal point to help you when you decorate. Oh, a circular layout also encourages more conversation to take place because everybody sees everyone.

Hang them – most of them

One thing that makes a living room look cluttered is fixtures. If you have a lot of stuff to display, pick a wall on one side of the room and make a statement. Hang your stuff on there and let the rest of the living room breathe space. The same applies to books. Utilise one wall to display your literary collection. The more optimised the space in your living room is, the less congested it appears when people are in it.

Its rug time

You probably have the best flooring in town, but you may be missing an integral component of comfort: rugs. Investing on an elegantly designed rug is worth every penny. Kids will roll on to the floor, children will sit on the floor, and your teenager will probably work on his assignment on the floor. Make the experience cosy for them.  From a sale point of view, the rug defines the space and shows people how they can live and layout their room.

The window to the soul

This part you should not forget: treating your windows. Carefully plan this out by thinking about suitable window treatment material, colour, and style. Curtains are a classic choice among most homeowners but you can certainly go all the way out and be creative. Consider roller blinds, Roman blinds, panels, bold prints, shutters, and sheer window treatments.

Box them up

We’re talking about storage here. You can’t simply leave clutter about on the floor, the table, and the chairs. Spot some areas with potential for storage. If not, invest in culling first, then furniture with multi-function features that allow you to store items at same time serve its primary purpose.  This actually brings us back to the first tip about surveying your living room and identifying spots for space maximization.

Colour the mood

Rather, set the mood with colours, if you like. Start by working with a colour palette and identifying areas where a specific colour should go. Never forget about creating colour harmony from the the outdoors to the walls, to your window treatments, to your furniture, and to your fixtures. Because the prevailing atmosphere in the living room can range from happiness to serenity, you know that you need to pick the colours that reflect exactly those – with broad appeal for a pending sale.