“Although Aussies have, on average, two bathrooms in their homes, we don’t seem overly happy with them. 18% of us admit that our bathroom is the area in our home most in need of renovation. A new bathroom is the second most popular project among Aussies, with 30% of us planning a renovation in the next 12 months.”

Houzz Australia member survey


What should you consider when it styling your bathroom then? Here are tips for you.

Accentuate or refinish

If you think that your bathroom fixtures are outdated, the natural tendency for you is to buy a new replacement. Think again. You’ll possibly spend more money on buying new fixtures and time in installing them. In this case, accentuating and refinishing your bathroom fixtures may do the trick. It can leave a designer touch to your fixtures for an affordable amount of money.

Lighten up

Bathrooms are places where we need task lighting.  It is expected for such areas to be well- covered. But covered is not the same as dark or dim. Let natural light shine in. If you have a scenic view you’d like to see each time, try accentuating your windows. If not, use frosted windows. One final step: try to replace dark-coloured items with brighter ones, including fixtures and take advantage of the light-play mirrors can give.

Tile it

When choosing the right kind of flooring for your bathroom, consider moisture. In this regard, your best option is tiles. There are so many to choose from, and you can pick ones with a large format to minimise grout lines. This way, the floor looks seamless or the opposite if you want to play on that style.  If you’re working on a budget, limit tiling on the walls and opt to stay closer to the original layout to avoid excessive plumbing costs.

Accessorise it

Splash out on new towels and vanity top items.  Ensure your cabinets have new mirrors and all your handles etc are looking new.  Introduce some small and healthy plants, soaps, holders and containers into the room.

Space it

Apart from open shelves, you can also add basket storage in your bathroom. They’re great at storing a variety of things like kid’s toys, towels, and cosmetic products – which can be hidden away.  You can also add a towel rail on the underside of a shelf. You can take cues from how you designed storage in your kitchen as well.

If you’re particular about layout, try placing all storage areas on one side of the bathroom. That way, you’ll free up more space on the remaining sides for some great features – being tiles, mirrors, accessories or the actual facilities!

Hygienic is it

Nothing personal BUT clean like you have never cleaned before!  We say this for every bathroom we renovate and style.  This is only enhanced by the lighter colours, the accessorising, the lighting and the new finishes.

After a long day, you deserve a soothing shower or a bath. Entering a newly-renovated bathroom is a reward in itself. It’s new look and fresh feel is inviting. After all, the bathroom refreshes us.