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Old shower screens recesses and shower curtains can give away the age of a bathroom.  Replacing the shower screen is a simple way to revamp the bathroom. From frameless shower screens to pivot shower screens, there are many options depending on your bathroom layout and style. If you’re upgrading from a sliding door, check you have enough clearance to open the shower door.

As a real estate agent, you’ll know the right kind of value-add strategies undertaken to makeover a property and to create buyer appeal. These value-add strategies are accomplished through coordinated appraisal, planning, and implementation with the help of a Property Makeover Specialist. So, what’s the method behind a successful makeover? This is something you can share with your new and prospective vendors.

It’s the most beautiful transformation designed by nature. Metamorphosis, that is. A source of an enigma, of inspiration, and of symbolic transformation, the metamorphosis also embodies the journey of a property from the time it enters the pre-makeover phase up to the time when it hits the market. The Egg; L’oeuf Some butterfly eggs...