When selling a home, you want to demonstrate how it is of value to the needs of the buyer. The more you understand the dimensions of buying decisions and the possible motives behind them, the more value you will be able to demonstrate to the prospect. 

Consumer decision making is the process by which consumers identify their needs,  collect information, evaluate alternatives, and make the purchase decision. Step in into the buyer’s mind and see the world on a whole new perspective.

Stage 1: Problem Recognition

The keyword is “gap.” That means the gap between “what ought to be” and “what is” in a certain situation.  This gap is enough to trigger a decision. In the property scene, a lot of people want their properties to yield maximum returns, but they have different ways of approaching it.

The Papillon Approach 

Papillon Styling & Renovation approaches “gap” in a personalised manner.  Clients are asked questions about what their favourite features of the property, combined with our expertise and experience, we highlight the property’s best features and opportunities. Clients are well-informed about what exactly needs to be done in order to further showcase the value of their home.

Stage 2: Information Search

The keyword is “options.” Once a need or problem is identified, you look for different ways for it to be satisfied. Under this stage, you’ll either search for information based on your previous experiences and knowledge or externally based on the people that you know or systems that are available to you.

The Papillon Approach 

The Papillon Styling & Renovation approach to property presentation involves identifying a property’s potential target market.The team recognises that potential buyers have different needs and respond to potential solutions. This means that potential buyers know they need a new home. The difference is knowing the target market needs means we can makeover or style to meet or fill this “gap.” This results to a presentation that is diversely informative and appealing.

Stage 3: Evaluation of Alternatives

The keyword is “value.” At this stage, you evaluate different products/brands on the basis of varying product attributes, and whether these can deliver the benefits that you are seeking. 

The Papillon Approach 

The Papillon Styling & Renovation team knows that buyers come to property presentations with critical minds. That’s why the team works closely with clients to differentiate the unique aspects of a property that provides diverse appeal among potential buyers. This has been made possible as the BGPS Team is backed by enormous experience through completing hundreds of makeovers. In the end, clients are assured that the features of a property is directly tied to what prospective buyers are looking for.

Stage 4: Purchase Decision

The keyword is “decision.” Based on the value of the alternative you chose, you’ll either choose to buy or not to buy today or in the future. 

The Papillon Approach 

“We have the vision you can trust.” That has been Papillon Styling & Renovation’s philosophy all these years and it’s here to stay. Because we share your vision, we allow it to become a credo throughout the property presentation process. Because we are the face of your property, we believe that moving along a common vision with you is the key towards achieving maximised return for your property.