In our previous articles, we’ve talked about the essential principles involving persuasion. We’ve also looked at the different challenges related to persuading people. In this final article of the persuasion series, let’s apply these aforementioned theoretical constructs so that you’ll get persuaded that even the simple things can do wonders when it comes to achieving your goal in selling a property.

Understand the Goals of a Property Makeover

A property makeover goes beyond the integration of aesthetic elements in a property. It serves a far greater function than that, and these are the most important:

  • More profitable and efficient sale
  • Increased purchaser competition
  • Shorter time on market


You can’t have an ambitious sales strategy without the right presentation. One comes with the other.

Understand the Challenges of a Property Makeover

Now, when a property makeover project is considered in line with the desired outcomes above, vendors may be grappling with the following challenges:

  • They’re not sure where to start (they might not have done a property makeover before)
  • They don’t have trusted trades and services (they might have done a DIY property makeover before)
  • Don’t know what the target market wants to see (what renovation work needs to be done that appeals to buyers?)


What can you do if these above problems arise? The solution lies in approaching a property makeover professionally: by working with a property makeover specialist. Working with one not only solves the above challenges, but also makes the entire process stress-free, organised, and timely. The result of all of these efforts leads us to the second principle.

Understand the Function of Time

In Australia, spring time is associated with a hot market. It’s a period when a lot of property go on the market. With such a limited time, vendors, real estate agents, and property makeover specialists all work together to implement a property makeover project before the market begins to cool off.

But the limiting function of time has an advantage: it allows everyone involved in the project to seamlessly plan things out in order to ensure that every step in the property makeover process is done on time, all the time. It also leads to the next point below.

Understand the Role of Value, Aiming for an Exceptional Viewing Experience

Value, in the context of a property makeover, means identifying the potential selling points of a property and allowing these to be showcased for buyers to immediately take notice. It’s like polishing the hidden gems of a home with valuable makeover strategies. So whether that involves adding a living space, converting an existing living space, enhancing a WOW area or a view or simply decluttering and cleaning the property, the concept of a ‘value-add’ makeover directly taps into potential buyers’ minds by creating appeal.

Understand the Target Audience’s Mindset

Property makeovers are done with one thing in mind: to create appeal and competition for potential buyers. Without appeal, a property lacks the power to persuade potential buyers to consider their options. Then again, this appeal is not created based on the vendor’s preferences.

In line with the classic concept of thinking like a customer, appeal is created by thinking about what a vendor’s target market wants to see. The effect: a madeover property that connects with potential buyers, especially on the emotional level.

As you can see, the science of persuasion does not only start when you show a client around the property you’re selling. Some techniques start prior to building a relationship while some follow suit even after the buying or selling transaction. You may get creative but remember to use one key element in your techniques: understanding.