One critical ingredient to BG Property Styling’s success is ethical conformity.  Ethics in business operations involve integrity that fosters credibility. BG Property Styling is known to associate itself with credible people. In this post, Belinda Grundy speaks about business ethics and how it’s become a driving force towards her pursuit to take her company to the next level.


BG Property Styling lives up to its business statement: ‘we have the vision you can trust.’ That means that we make it a point to deliver quality results based on our clients’ preferences. I am aware that we can’t do that unless we employ the expertise of reliable and trusted individuals. Prior to any supplier, professional service or trade provider working with us, BGPS ensures the service providers and contractors it employs come with a high-level of performance reviews, references, and insurances.


BG Property Styling always aims to go the extra mile. As such, we integrate sustainability at all phases, from our decluttering side to our purchasing side. This means that we help clients in terms of sorting their belongings into something that they’ll keep, sell, donate, or leave behind. We utilise sites like eBay and our auction house to responsibly endorse items for sale, and we are working with local charities to endorse the things for donation. Finally, as the tow trucks come to collect what’s left behind, we know that we exhausted all options in terms of managing the client’s belongings.  We live by the saying, “less is best to landfill”

Too often, this process prolongs the duration of the property makeover but it is our initiative and we’re standing by it.  We also aim to provide services at a local and sustainable source wherever possible.


Most of BG Property Styling’s clients come from referrals. I have a network of industry professionals who tap into my expertise to transform and to add value into their client’s properties. As a consequence, I always ensure that the outcomes promised to a client are delivered. One way to ensure that is by setting expectation for informed decisions on the client’s part and being accountable for every step or decision that we make on the business part. We do that starting with value-add insights conveyance through initial appraisal, and then creating a realistic calendar of works, and them scoping and implementing the makeover tasks in every project.

BG Property Styling also utilises technology to give live updates on a client’s project status. This allows for the client to be actively involved in the makeover project without having to be on-site to monitor its progress. Of course service in the customer level of the business is motivated by high response and turnaround times. And because we’re committed to nurture our relationship with clients, we ensure that we act with integrity and honesty.

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