It’s been a few years since BG Property Styling started out to ensure that homes are presented at their best.  We have added millions of dollars of additional value over our years of service to the homeowners in Sydney’s north.

BG Property Styling - Organising and Presentation Specialists, Sydney


We have been featured in articles and awards along the way.

Our very own Belinda Grundy was a finalist for the Working Women’s Network 2009 Awards in the Customer Service category. This is a testament of how much we value our customers.  We really strive to ensure that our customers needs come first and that we look after them first and foremost.

Belinda also received an award for Sustainability in Business at Pittwater Council Sustainability Awards.  It was an honour to receive an award in a our environment truly is important to me and my business.

In the Press

We have also been featured in a number of publications through the years, including Smart Property Investment and Manly Daily.

Customer Satisfaction

But beyond the Awards and Press Features, what is important to us in BG Property Styling to ensure that our customers are happy and satisfied with what we have to offer.  Reliability, integrity and superb value are our memories in our clients.

Here are some testimonials from our clientele:

From Julian Watkin, Dee Why. March 2012

Nothing was holding me back from taking your service. Your contact details were passed on by our real estate agent and after some deliberation I thought that some expert guidance would help and probably speed up the process. Styling is not my area of expertise so your help was gratefully received. I did find it ironic that after de-cluttering, the next step was to load the place up with designer objects (junk!). Nevertheless, I would most certainly recommend this product. I should have done the same thing when selling my house in Elanora Heights.  Many thanks for your help and guidance.

From Judith Baker, Narrabeen.  February 2012

After seeing Belinda at the expo and her first visit it sounded like a perfect way to move forward with their service. BG Property Styling has all the fresh ideas of what I could do to modernise the house. Having access to all the trusted tradesmen and that they were the ‘go-between’ was great – especially all the organising and what order to carry out the changes.  They made my house look fabulous and no stress on my end and no organising!

They have transformed an ordinary basic home to a fantastic and pleasant place to live in.   I know I haven’t been ‘ripped off’ because I was a woman and my ideas were always taken into consideration.  I would recommend BG Property Styling to any friends needing to restyle their home.  Small or large project.  I have had lots of positive comments even from people walking past.  I am very happy with the results.

From Stefan Drury, Mona Vale: June 2011

My house had been stuck on the market for a while and initially I thought this service would be too costly and the investment would not be made back.  I was also worried that it would take too much time, and I needed to get my place sold quickly.  I then decided to go ahead because they explained to me how important it was to see the house as a potential buyer – not as a vendor –this made me see the property so differently.  I’ve now got lots more confidence in having a good product to sell.  If you are selling, even if you haven’t’ started selling yet – I believe it will help with all house sales.

So Why Choose BG Property Styling?

Because our team is here to serve YOU!

We are geared to help you sell your home which means means less stress and more speed for your sale. We want what you want – to get sold for the best possible price, as soon as possible!