Old shower screens recesses and shower curtains can give away the age of a bathroom.  Replacing the shower screen is a simple way to revamp the bathroom. From frameless shower screens to pivot shower screens, there are many options depending on your bathroom layout and style. If you’re upgrading from a sliding door, check you have enough clearance to open the shower door.


It sounds like a small change but updating your fittings can make a big difference. When selecting new fittings, think about how they work with the rest of your bathroom features like the tiles and colour scheme. Silver tapware reflects the light nicely and can add a contemporary, high-end finish, while coloured tapware is another popular choice. Even updating your toilet seat can add to the overall look and feel of the bathroom, plus installing a new seat is simple. If you’re moving fittings, make sure your towel rails and toilet roll holders are conveniently positioned. Towels should be within reach as you step out of the shower and the toilet roll holder should be positioned so you can comfortably reach it when sitting down.

The right bathroom lighting can change the mood of the space. Observe how much natural light you receive during the day or when you most use the bathroom to determine your lighting needs. A bathroom heater light is ideal for chilly nights and frosty mornings. Select lighting fixtures that have been designed to handle any moisture, humidity or dampness, and always consult a professional electrician to install the fittings for you.

If your bathroom mirror is looking a little worn or has suffered water damage (blackening along the bottom of the mirror), it may be time to consider installing a new one. There’s an assortment of shapes and sizes that can dramatically alter the look of your bathroom. Mirrors create the illusion of space, even in the smallest of bathrooms.

For smaller spaces, using larger tiles on the walls can make the room feel bigger and more open. If your tiles are still in good condition, they may simply need to be re-grouted in order to return them to their former glory and brighten your bathroom.

A coat of paint is an easy way to instantly revive your bathroom. Use paint that is suitable for wet areas as bathrooms require paint that inhibits mould growth. Colour palettes are a softer look, bringing together greys, monotones or soft pastels. Grey provides a muted look that can be contrasted with splashes of colour on various accessories.

This before and after bathroom transformation was a part of an entire apartment makeover project. We didn’t relocate anything in the bathroom, but the room received a tile spray, thorough clean, new lighting and replacement of a few dated fixtures. 

This entire apartment project involved coordination of multiple trades with a focus on colour and furnishings. The finished apartment included a main bedroom with an oversized fitted wardrobe, custom cabinetry, attention to the smaller second bedroom, a complete renovation of the kitchen’s dated layout, new benches, appliances and cupboards creating more storage and space. A full paint and new carpet finished the apartment to present as brand new.

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