We specialise in helping seniors downsize with ease. What exactly does that mean? We know what it takes for a successful downsize to be less stressful. Stress often comes when change is introduced. If a senior has been anxiously awaiting retirement and excited but then the reality of having to relocate sets in, it may make them feel uneasy and upset. Will they be relocating close by or to another suburb to be closer to family? Distance matters as studies show that shorter distance moves often result in less stress.

What else is a consideration for for downsizing? A big stressor can be cost. There are so many things to consider and so many businesses to call for quotes. How do you know which businesses are recommended and which really don’t specialise in senior moves. You don’t, that is why it’s quite important to consult an expert from the start.

Another stress factor in downsizing is comfort. Will your loved one be comfy in their new home? Will the new home be accessible to people in their age bracket, meaning do they need to climb 400 stairs up a cliff every day to get to it. Even early on in retirement when seniors are most active, you need to be aware of the possible health limitations and always be considerate.