Downsizing your property can be a hefty job. We advocate doing the planning as early as possible as to avoid the downsize crunch. For some, downsizing means they have to sell a property, and they know that can take time. If you are in a cash crunch, waiting until the last minute can cause unwanted stress.

Starting a downsize early allows for better planning and more opportunity for choice. It also allows for more breathing room for calm decisions. We’ve taken on many downsize projects that were last minute and although we were able to make it work, we know the difference between early planned and last minute. Planning ahead also makes it easier to have more choices in terms of contractors to hire for help too.

A downsize is a coordinated effort, there are lots things to list out and do. Why not make it as easy as possible. Get help and get help early on!

If you or a loved one is even thinking about a downsize in the future, starting planning now. This will make for less headaches and more ease.