• Do you love property styling, but you find it hard to promote yourself?
  • Do you find it difficult to get more work?
  • Do you want to do more of what you love?


Prospecting and getting more leads into your business should be run like a perfectly balanced and measured wheel. The spokes should be set evenly ensuring a smooth journey so you are actively giving yourself the best opportunity to build your business every day, week and month of the year.

In order for the wheel to run smoothly, your prospecting activities must be built into your business and the results monitored, reviewed and refreshed continually. I visualise attracting leads as a circle because it’s not a list with one item at the top being more significant than the item down the bottom. It is a fine balance of all working together, an ever continuing loop.

The spokes are:

Doing a great job

Having fantastic photography of your before and afters in your gallery and in your collateral speaks volumes. This is your social proof as well as demonstrating your experience and success. You can draw comparisons, talk about spend and return on investment and a myriad of other pertinent topics when networking and speaking with potential clients.


Partnerships are the most effective form of getting your messages out. The wonderful thing about identifying the right businesses to work with is that they and you are doing each other’s marketing and procurement for each other. Getting the right clients every time. The critical part here is, of course, selecting those right businesses that deserve your brand and won’t compromise your integrity and professionalism. Partner carefully.


This is the breeding ground of great partnerships. Networking needs to be in your diary every day, every week. From past experience, I have found as soon as you stop networking, you will feel the effects within just 90 days. Understanding that a good 50% of your week needs to be spent doing exactly this.

Brand value creation

It is vital that you are proud of your marketing including your photo and the brand that represents you. It is your professional message to the world and what it says will reflect on how you are viewed. If you are proud, you will exude confidence and this will translate to more connections, more clients, and more work.

If you would like to learn more about building partnerships, download the free chapter on Partnerships and Marketing in my book, Inside Makeovers – How to Grow and Transform Your Property Business.