We recently received a question on our Ask the Property Stylist weekly post.

Leah asks,

“Should you leave your rugs down, or get rid of them to show the wooden floor for pictures & viewings?”


Thank you Leah for your great question.  Here’s what our Property Stylist had to say:

We use rugs to define spaces so they can work well. They also can work well on wooden floors. Make sure they are really subtle though. Of course, we want the attention of purchasers to look at the property not necessarily the furnishings.  The picture below demonstrates how a space can be defined. Normally not used on carpet, but in this case it worked really well.


As a bonus, we’re sharing some Basic Area Rug Guidelines for you. 


1.  Material

Rugs are available in a wide variety of designs and styles.  In  choosing an area rug, consider the area traffic.  Here’s a very good infographic on choosing a rug that fits your home perfectly.


2.  Size

Generally, choosing a larger area rug makes a room appear more spacious.  If you intend to show off more flooring, then it’s better to choose a rug of smaller size.

  • 5’x8′ is the most popular rug size and is generally sufficient for defining most seating arrangements. Your furniture will look best surrounding the rug
  • 8’x10′ and larger will be heavier and harder to work with, but will look richer. Your furniture will look best sitting on it
3.  Colour

Rugs are generally available in a wide variety of colours.  Make sure you choose one that matches the style and finish of a room and contains the colors you want to emphasize.  Keep in mind that when staging or decorating a room, it is best to add some contrast to grab a buyer’s attention.  Rugs of lighter colour look the best on darker floors and will make a room feel more spacious.  Likewise, dark-coloured rugs look best on lighter floors.


If you need help sprucing up your property, whether for sale or for stay, please don’t hesitate to contact us.