Editor’s Note: Each month, we funnel through questions raised by homeowners who are intending to sell their homes but are unsure about how to go through it. These are questions directly taken from the clients of BG Property Styling. See how Belinda Grundy answers them.


Can homes really be sold without preparation for presentation?


Usually all homes will sell in our area.  The concern is, for how much and how efficiently.

If you are working with a leading real estate agent, then it is likely they expect this makeover work to be completed.  The highly skilled agents know that a preview with a specialist set of “pre-sale” eyes, is a must. The highly-skilled agents working with us will not consider listing a property until this has been done with the owner.

If you chose not to consider the presentation, you may still sell.  However, it is possible that the sale price or experience may not be as positive.

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