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I always start by analysing what my client needs are and their goal in property styling.

Broadly, our clients are classified into three:

1. Styling to sell – clients who intend to sell their property and who approach BG Property Styling for a makeover project to help maximise their property’s value.

2. Styling to rent – clients who intend to transform their property in order to put in on the rental market or to attract additional rent.

3. Styling to stay – clients who want to renovate their homes and approach BG Property Styling for a makeover project to help them achieve their dream home.

What holds all types of clients together is our goal to maximise the value of their property through our property styling framework.  I start the process which involves needs appraisal. What does the client want to happen in the end? I then proceed by integrating the project framework to their needs, such as creating a calendar that shows the stream of work that needs to be done, as well as the network of trades and services that needs to be mobilised.

The process above is where prioritisation comes in. In construction, we know that we build a structure from the ground up. The same principle applies to property styling. The only difference is that we’re working on an existing structure. The defining point in prioritisation then is value. What value-added work is needed? How can value-added work be logically integrated into the project framework? Once we establish the chronology of tasks, the property styling work continues in the tangible form.