So how do you get pre-sale growth and capital growth?

There are two ways at which vendors and their next step of property buying can generate profit from renovation? That’s right!

Pre-Sale Property Makeover and Property Staging

Pre-sale property makeovers focus on cosmetic changes being implemented to widen a property’s appeal for imminent potential purchasers. This is done by finding out who they are, what they want then giving them what they will compete for.

It’s during this stage that property vendors should quiz their agents on things like below and WE sort out the rest:

  • Who is buying in the area?
  • What buyers are looking for?
  • Who are the target markets?
  • Are buyers are upsizing or downsizing?

Consolidated with the information gathered above, we, the property makeover specialists, develop your makeover points. The makeover points aim to transform the property into a home that suits the lifestyle of target buyers.

Yes, we want to have target purchasers competing for your property!

Then after the sale?

Property Renovation for Capital Growth

While we’re delivering value in strategies for return on investment at pre-sale, we add more equity by working on your next property.

We develop a renovation plan aimed at creating equity. In effect, the renovation process done post-purchase is your second addition of value.

Ultimately, when the property goes on the market, it can list for a competitive price.

It’s so critical to renovate for long term capital value with your new property giving you lifestyle value as well as equity in the bank.

If you’re interested in exploring the rewards of long-term renovation for increasing equity, give us a call!

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