In preparing your property for sale, you need to maximise its appeal. You need your home to be in the best shape possible.  And you don’t have to break the bank to do that!

Home staging isn’t as tricky as it seems, and it doesn’t need to be expensive. You don’t need new furniture, curtains and fixtures to make your home marketable. In fact, there are ways to impress your potential buyers without spending a dollar!

Here are five zero-cost room staging tips to help you sell your home.

Make the Rooms Roomy

Rearrange your furniture to maximise space. Remove anything that blocks the hallways and walkways, making the room feel smaller than it actually is.  Make sure that you only leave furniture and accessories which are necessary.

Lighten up

Maximise the use of natural light. Open window shades and avoid using dark drapes or curtains. If there is at least one wall of windows, hang a mirror on the opposite wall to reflect natural light when staging the space. Use warm light from lamps and if possible, feature lighting too.

Make Sure Everything Works

Check the doorknobs, hinges, pipes, etc. around your home and make sure that they function smoothly. Also inspect for any cracks on walkways and wall. Repairing the fixtures in your home will not only increase the value of your home but also its appeal to your guests.


Remain detached emotionally from your house. Remove anything personal to your family: photographs and collections. A clean and depersonalised home will help your buyers imagine themselves living in your (and in the future, “their”) home.

Polish Everything

For the finishing touch, make sure everything is clean and polished. Remove the dust from the cabinet tops to every corner of your home. Polish the reflective objects in your home like faucets, knobs and handles. This will do the trick in making your home look fresh and new.