You can easily create a welcoming atmosphere in your dining room and increase the appeal of your home with these 5 simple tips:

1. Have a picnic indoors

Make every meal an indoor picnic! Find a spot in your home that is close to your garden or porch. Make sure you have large windows and doors that, when opened, allows a breeze of fresh air to freely enter the room. You don’t need lighting that is too elegant, the warm sunlight at day and the cosy dim garden lighting at night will provide elegance to your dining area.

2. Make room in your room

Don’t forget to consider the space of your dining room. You don’t need a vast area to make the dining area spacious and functional. Provide a great deal of comfort for your guests by considering these few things:

  • Elbow room: Allow 60-75 cm per person.
  • Leg room: Give guests about 30 cm from the seat of their chair to the top of the table.
  • Seat width: A 50-60 cm seat will be most comfortable, but widths can vary based on style.


3. Mirror, mirror on the wall

A mirror conveniently placed on a wall will certainly add light to a room and give it an open feel. Mirrors and other reflective surfaces can be used to decorate the room and give it a polished look plus bring a bright aura into the dining area.

4. Be Warm and Friendly

Warm colours not only stimulate intimate conversations, but also appetites! Create a welcoming (and appetising) environment that will provide your guests an enjoyable dining experience!

5. Give it your touch

Don’t be afraid to personalize your dining room. Place artworks and accessories that reflect your personality and bring colour and texture to the room. You may showcase your gardening skills with a fresh pot of flowers as a centerpiece.