5 Steps to Achieving your Perfect Kitchen


5 Steps to Achieving your Perfect Kitchen


papillon-styling-renovations-australia-property-makeover-newport-four-kitchenThe kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most important areas in the home. Not only is it where you prepare and cook food, but it’s often a social hub where people gather – especially if you have a breakfast bar or open-plan kitchen adjacent to your living room. So when it comes to creating the perfect kitchen, it’s important to consider functionality as well as style. By designing a space that fits your individual needs and taste, you can turn it into an area where you actually want to spend time (even if you’re just washing dishes!).

Whether you’re building a new home, remodelling your current one or just simply refreshing your decor, read on for my top 5 steps to achieving your perfect kitchen.

1. Determine your needs and budget

There’s a wealth of ideas and inspiration you can get online. When gathering your ideas and creating a plan, it’s important to think about your individual needs and circumstances. For example,  if you’re someone who loves to cook, you may need more counter space than someone who eats take-out 5 times per week. If you like to prep your meals ahead of time, you may need a fridge with an extra-large freezer. If you have a big family, you may want a larger sink and pantry!

You also need to determine your budget ahead of time so you know how much you have to work with before making your final plan. Although you might not know how much things cost, you do know how much you’re willing to spend! Have that target in mind when sitting down with your contractor and kitchen designer.

2. Consider your surfaces

Your tiling can make or break the look of your kitchen. It’s also the most efficient way to give your kitchen a total refresh if it’s looking a bit shabby or outdated. From materials and textures to patterns and colours, there are a plethora of different options to choose from and they each give your kitchen a different aesthetic.

Patterned tiles can give your kitchen a retro feel, dark slab tiles look more modern, and textured tiles tend to give a beachy vibe. If you’re going to tile both your walls and floors, be sure to go for a combination that compliments each other. You may also want to consider using your backsplash as a feature wall to add a pop of colour to your space.  

3. Nail your storage

Practicality should always come first when choosing your cabinetry and storage. You’re going to want to make sure you have enough space to comfortably house all of your kitchen supplies and food. There are many storage ideas you can find online that will help you organise your spices, cutlery and pots and pans, but don’t forget about those larger storage needs! Finding places for your Thermomix, OnePot, Food Processor and Toaster is just as important when planning a super-efficient kitchen.

4. Light it up

Lighting is an often underestimated element of kitchen decor, but it can make a huge difference in creating a pleasant atmosphere. There are three types of lights to consider:

Ambient — This is your main source of light (apart from natural light) and should be used to illuminate the room as well as create atmosphere. This will often include lights like chandeliers, hanging pendants and recessed lighting.

Task — Usually encompassing things like LED strip or downlights, these are used to add extra light and fill in any gaps cast by shadows in your work stations (ie. your countertops or stove).

Accent — This can be used to draw attention to your favourite elements in the kitchen (perhaps that feature backsplash)! Some great options for accent lighting include above-the-cabinet or toe kick lights.

5. Don’t forget your appliances

Yes, your appliances are there to get the job done – they keep your food cold, toast your bread and make your morning coffee. But the ones that are in plain sight also become part of your kitchen decor. So be sure to pick appliances that fit the overall aesthetic you’re going for in the kitchen. That’s not to say everything in your kitchen needs to be perfectly colour-coded or that you need to throw out all the appliances you already own. But it could be as simple as getting a retro-style toaster or a sleek, modern coffee machine as the finishing touch in your kitchen.

Keeping functionality as well as aesthetics in mind when designing your new kitchen is paramount to creating the space you’ve always wanted. While there will always be lots of new products and trends flooding the market, stay true to yourself and choose what resonates with you (leaving the gone-too-soon trends to the people on TV).

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