Your bathroom need not be huge for it to be both functional and beautiful. Redesigning a bathroom is not as difficult as it seems. It just takes a little careful planning, and you can create your dream bathroom.

All you need to keep in mind is that an effective bathroom design should address all your needs. It should be designed to be convenient and comfortable at the same time. Below are some important tips to consider in redesigning your bathroom:

1. Hit two birds with one stone…or a window

In contrast to a typical bathroom design, where windows are small and high-placed, provide the biggest window possible. You don’t need to worry about privacy. Window coverings, exterior screening or planting will deal with this for you.

Having a large window will provide natural ventilation and lighting. Nothing beats the comfort of fresh air and the warm touch of sunlight. It will maximise your savings too given you lessen the use of your bulbs and exhaust fans.

2. Mirrors will do the trick

You don’t need a lot of space to have a beautiful bathroom. Install mirrors and other reflective accessories in your bathroom. Consider the use of any lustrous ceramic, marble, or stone tiles. Glistening surfaces will create an illusion of space and give a slick look to your bathroom.

3. Occupy usable space

In order to give your bathroom a more spacious and simpler look, consider built-in storage and accessories. For example, use the space between wall studs to recess a tall storage cabinet to maximise vertical storage while saving floor space.

4. Don’t skimp on fixtures

Imagine how much water and chemicals are used on your bathroom surfaces over the years. Although these fixtures are designed to be water-resistant and anti-corrosive, eventually they will degrade. To ensure durability, think quality rather than economy – after all, you get what you pay for.