Despite the lovely weather, we know that summer is now over and autumn is upon us. Make sure you make time to redecorate and improve your homes, especially if you are thinking of selling your home this season. But don’t worry if you do not have enough budget for projects.  Home improvement doesn’t necessarily mean spending lots of money. Here are 4 inexpensive DIY home improvement project ideas to prepare your home for autumn:

Enhancing the Exterior

Refurbish your lawn by first cutting and removing any tired and poor-looking plants that the last season left and preparing your planting for the season change. Create a vibrant landscape by replacing these plants with colourful and hardy ones ready for autumn. Try other easy DIY fixes like repainting exterior trims, deck washing and staining things like decks and wooden furniture, replacing the house numbers, and installing new outdoor lighting. This will greatly increase the appeal of your home, even to potential buyers.

Create a Warm and Cosy Environment

Consider rethinking the accessories in your home. The change can make you feel like you have spent lots of money, although it is quite easily done just through subtle changes. Create a colour theme with your curtains, linen, cushions, lamp shades, etc. Warm colours will do the trick into creating a warm and cosy environment. Accessory changes can bring a good bang for your buck.

Maximise Lighting

Autumn brings a smaller amount of daylight. This means your home could use a little bit more lighting than usual. Make sure you change all the non-functioning light bulbs, and strategically place additional lighting both outside and inside the house. Consider using energy-efficient and long-lasting lights. For a less expensive alternative, consider replacing your curtains with translucent ones which allows more light to get into your house, but don’t lose the warmth.

Let It Shine

New tap fittings, curtain rods, and door handles may just do the trick in bringing out the extra sparkle that you are looking for. New kitchen taps have a lot more functionality, so the upgrade can be more than just aesthetic. Consider replacing your cabinet handles and curtain rods with new ones with a more contemporary finish. You can buy them in hardware stores for relatively cheap prices. Bringing extra shine to your home won’t put holes in your pocket.